The Master Plan | Main Waiting Room | Concourse | Tracks and Platforms

The first step to create the new, brighter and more inviting concourse is to remove anything not directly related to boarding a train, such as ticket counters and customer service offices. These, along with other services and retail spaces, are being moved into the Headhouse.

Relocating the main Canal Street stairs and escalators from the center to the edges of the space would then create a large central room. Raising the ceiling and creating an entrance balcony off Canal Street will allow natural light into the concourse, making it much easier for travelers and visitors to find their way.

Illustrations courtesy of Chicago Department of Transportation.

Wider southern platforms would create space for new stairways to Jackson Boulevard, allowing regular commuters to exit directly to the street, taking pressure off the concourse.

The City of Chicago is developing computer models to show how these interior improvements can be coordinated with changes to the local streets to improve access to the station.